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Introducing a full-fledged Firefox extension

Sunday, January 13th, 2008 status bar

We’re pleased to announce our first external utility to interface with the global error/solution database. On Mozilla’s addon site, we just released an extension for the Firefox browser that let’s you search an error message on your clipboard (or one you paste/type) in the community error database.

This may become our recommended way to use because:

  • It’s fast and light, taking up up just a tiny footprint in your Firefox status bar.
  • It supports anonymous searching, without an email address. We support this because the extension let’s you track unsolved errors you ran into.
  • It quietly also provides stats for your comments/ratings. This is for those power users who might be interested in that (just hover over the icon).

As always, the intent here is for people to search for errors, but if they don’t find the solution right away, they’re reminded to return and provide a solution when they figure it out. The extension just makes that a lot more natural.

We have plans in future versions to allow you to search your favorite search engine at the same time you search, making it more of a win-win search engine.

Download the extension here:

As always, if you have any questions or problems with, feel free to email