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New: 2.0 and

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

We’re very excited to announce a major new release of and our new corporate error search engine,

Stop repeating research

If this is the first you’ve heard of, here’s our goal: No one should ever have to solve an error that someone else already solved. We all need to stop wasting time on things people have solved! Let’s work together.

We make this work on by remembering the errors you search for and reminding you to come back and provide a solution. Our service has been used by thousands of people and over the past year, we’ve accumulated thousands of solutions.

Solving errors better than ever

Today we launch the second generation of The three biggest changes are:

  • Web Results– We now offer web results for your error messages, which we can optimize to find the best matches for your error better than any other search engine.
  • Easier to use– We’ve streamlined the solution interface– you can enter your solutions quickly and easily just by visiting your My Bugs page.
  • Fresh decor– We got a lot of feedback from people who loved our site concept, but couldn’t stand the strong black/white theme. We’ve redesigned the look of the site from the ground up to be more comfortable.

Combined with our recent Firefox extension, there’s no reason you should search anywhere else for error messages.

The guy down the hall solved your error before– but how would you know?

Along with our relaunch comes, which is our service for employees who are tired of solving the same stuff their coworkers solved beforehand.

Think about it. Surely you’re not the only one who has run into that intranet error, data-entry program crash, or random Windows popup. Should you send out a public email blast? Nope. You search for the error on and you find others who had the same problem. If you’re the first, you can save the company time down the road by saving your solution forever. is for companies trying to get the most out of their IT budget without waiting on the help desk– any employee can start their own free error database and leverage their coworker’s knowledge.

The base service is completely free with no obligation– you can begin searching right now. Over time, we’ll add premium features for privacy, metrics, monitoring, tools, and other things that IT managers love. But you don’t need any of that to get started.

We’re very excited about the new features and will be talking about them again. We’d *love* to hear your feedback, so let us know how we’re doing.