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Group has an eye to revitalize Greenhill Provincial Park

Don Jeffrey remembers going as a boy and waiting in line for someone to leave so his mother could quickly put down a blanket for them to sit on to eat.

Another line would form at the fire tower, where those brave enough to trust the ladder and their own ability to hold on would climb to the platforms above for a better view of the farms below. cheap jerseys The man working in the fire tower would lend the kids his binoculars for a look around.

In the last 20 years though, the popularity of the park has waned as care for it has all but stopped. The view is still one that causes a person to pause and take in the beauty around, but the unfortunate part is that fewer people know it’s there.

A community group is hoping to change that and has been meeting to discuss the potential revitalization.

“The long term goal is to get a management plan in place to maintain the park at a long term from a sustainability purpose,” said John MacLean, a neighbour to the park.

“A bunch of adjacent land owners decided it was something that needed to be done. It’s been needing to be done for a number of years.”

He grew up on his family farm and remembers the park being a vibrant part of the community.

“I can remember when I was in grade school they used to take us up here for grading day picnics,” he said.

There were always people coming and going. Dances were held in a building up there as well.

“I used to take my pony up here,” he said.

He said trees have grown up and disease has spread among them. He’d like to see that change and during meetings so far, some great ideas have come forward such as cleaning up the surrounding area and resurrecting a dance hall.

He’d like to see something happen before the fiscal year is over, but he knows it’s a long term project.

“It’s not a one year project; it’s a 20 year project,” he said. “Over time, the park is going to be something that’s talked about again.”

The next public meeting is going to be held in early November. MacLean hopes a good crowd turns out to talk about the future. 9.

She said from here, DNR will be following established park management procedures including getting the feedback from people and then working to develop a management statement detailing the values and how people currently use the park as well as future uses for it.

The timing of the implementation is a little more uncertain at this point.

In other parks in Nova Scotia the Department of Natural Resources has partnerships with community groups who help with the ground management. There is potential for locals to become involved in something like that. All that will be worked out in the coming months, however.