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Thursday, November 1st, 2007

We’ve received lots of questions, but we’re way behind on responding to blog articles. Let’s see…

I thought I’d take a moment to respond to 5 of the ~90 comments on Digg. (We’ll ignore the humorous comments about our temporary downtime during the Digg deluge. We’re only human!)

anyone notice the logo reflection? — NavS


“If you’d like for your intranet, please email Full licenses are very cheap and begin around $4999.”
Cheap? $4999? That’s a joke right? — unknamed

Obviously it’s no joke, though the average diggster may not grok it. We are, though, getting emails from IT infrastructure managers and IT outsourcers who “get it” and see how this can be another great tool in their arsenal. Since every large company has custom applications and errors specific to their company and business, it can be a huge timesaver for employees to find other employees with similar errors/solutions. The cost is minor especially with no per-user or concurrent license fees.

In the future we’ll be adding tools that allow your company to integrate it with their software build systems, websites, etc. Why should company engineers and new hires have to send out “has anyone seen this error?” emails? Your corporation should never solve a problem more than once! Get them back to work as quickly as you can.

This sounds link splunk…

Not so much. Splunk has a great selection of tools– but nothing as simple and direct as I think you’d agree if you’ve used any of the splunk tools.

I don’t see how this is better than just googling the error which anyone with half a brain can do — SeanNorton

Searching for an error message via Google will work sometimes, but Google’s not really designed for that sort of thing. How many times do you end up getting results where someone says “I solved it!” in a forum without an explanation? How many times do you see errors posted but with the results hidden behind a pay site that fooled googlebot? How many times do you have to fix a multi-line error to squeeze it into the “keyword” search boxes?

We were sick of not finding solutions when we know people have been down a path before. If we all work together, the computing world will be a much nicer place.

Sure, some people post in forums or newsgroups. A rare few Samaritans blog about their error solutions. We believe, though, that the number of people posting those are far outnumbered by those who search/solve and never tell a soul. (Let’s stop doing that, please!) sends a gentle reminder so you’ll remember to do the right thing.

Should have been included under ‘Favourites’ on IE7 for Vista. — Vazelos

No argument here!