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GEMINI Pro GEMINI is really a Full Jewelry Management Process For-One or a Huge Selection Of Spots Using Sturdy Server Technology. GEMINI’s Professional type adds: Create-to- Manufacturing with Portion Requirements Planning Enhanced Stone Price & amp; Parcel Administration Sell by Fat Market by Multi- Currency POS Integration power to ShopControlPro Unlimited quantity of links of files to Customers and ItemMaster Request Additional Information GEMINI Pro Pointofsale display showing promote by weight -currency. The special order monitor that is GEMINI enables you to build consumer orders for repairs and particular orders, set projected work and materials up, print job bags, control element stock via p and dilemmas -concerns to orders. By entering true work handle career charges and users document, performed. Assesses that were GEMINI projected vstual labor, and materials for you personally. Improved stone cost administration that may transfer is included by GEMINI Master Select GEMINI Expert if you should be a jewelry business that: Has a workshop or manufacturer, or uses companies which make jewelry on your own inventory (not just special order) Pieces required for buying inventory and unique purchases to be easily managed by needs Accepts payments in multiple values Offers jewelry or free pebbles by weight (g, pennyweight or carat) Retains diamond prices associated with Needs accept and to examine or return parcels Allocate acknowledged parcels with full price allowance control to stone objects that were unique Really wants to integrate with ShopControlPro The version presents these Added Capabilities to GEMINI The special order display is enhanced to add A Factors Needed Report outlining items which need purchased or to be manufactured can be generated by GEMINI Expert Print produce-to- inventory work bags filled with barcodes, images, statement of components and recommended job routing Monitor both projected and actual work and supplies Put in place almost everything like a In the Point of Sale, catch the weight directly from a range having a primary interface or you are needed to enter the particular weight of that ItemMaster Link documents or any range to any ItemMaster such as for example docs, PDFs, images, spreadsheets, and much more. Open any report with a single mouseclick Buyer Clienteling Improvements Link documents or any variety to any Buyer, the same as around the ItemMaster Designate a variety of contact titles for almost any consumer. This is ideal for suppliers and retail buyers that’ll have other contacts as well as several consumers Accept fee in any currency or mixture of currencies Enter GEMINI Expert and daily conversion rates keeps traditional conversions Conversion rates are saved by GEMINI Expert with each transaction GEMINI Pro interfaces with ShopControlPro, our enterprise class method for jewelry makers.

MPC Cleaner

Manufacturers with retail businesses utilizing ShopControlPro are in possession of an integrated solution Stone Price File Management GEMINI includes a complete Stone Master process. GEMINI Pro gives the capacity update and to importance diamond costs individually or globally. Readers clean my mac full to Rapaport review them to diamond prices that are recent and can scan diamond prices as often as desired. It is possible to revise your diamond prices all or any with discounts you decide on by size, form, coloring, quality Diamond Parcel Allocation With Diamond Lot Percentage it is possible to straighten out and categorize a package. After searching things, GEMINI Master compares package worth vsmon cost per carat and determines discount, immediately. Machines that are *Some may require 3rd-party application to interface to Windows; available at a small extra-cost. MPI Techniques

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