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one that makes as many

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The image we now have of Federer, the one that makes as many eyes roll as dance, was probably achieved with a great deal of help from his main sponsor, Nike. And it a tribute if that the right word to that company marketing division that the message they want to send via The Mighty Fed (with his consent, of course) was so prominently displayed at Wimbledon, which has always taken great pains to avoid the appearance, if not the reality, of commercialization. Just as Agassi experimental,cheap jerseys somewhat playful nature invited Nike to push the style and image envelope (interestingly, Nike backed off such shenanigans at Wimbledon Agassi always played there in plain white), Federer interest in fashion and style consciousness gave Nike the motivation and confidence to have a far greater impact at Wimbledon than ever before.

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White Sox defeat Angels to avoid four

Friday, October 21st, 2011

ANAHEIM, Calif.   Jose Abreu returned to batting third after four days in the 2 hole second Thursday, and things fell into place nicely for the White Sox slugger. Abreu drove in three runs to help the Sox defeat the Los Angeles Angels 8 2 to salvage a win after losing the first three in a four game series.

“Yeah, you know, we don’t score that many runs,” said manager Robin Ventura, Cheap Jerseys free shipping cheapnfljerseys2015 who put Tyler Saladino back to second as he desperately looks for a mix for a team that ranks last in the American League in runs. “We can mix it up and see what happens there. This is more the lineup we had when we were scoring a few.

swung the bats tonight right out of the gate with Adam [Eaton] hitting a double and getting on the board. Just a nice job of going to the plate and making stuff happen. led off against right hander Nick Tropeano (1 2) with a double, was bunted to third by Saladino and scored on Abreu’s grounder to short. Abreu doubled in two runs in the Sox’ five run fifth but needed a replay to prove his ball was fair. The RBI hiked Abreu’s total to 26 in his last 28 games.

Sox lefty Jose Quintana (7 10, 3.60) held the Angels to two runs over six innings as the Sox (56 63) snapped a seven game road losing streak. Quintana is second in the American League with 19 quality starts.

Nate Jones locked in all the crud creeping through the cracks of this disappointing season, one second half bright spot is the healthy return of right hander Nate Jones, who as recently as last spring was considered closer material.

Jones’ bounce back from a hip problem and Tommy John surgery has been encouraging, and he added a fifth scoreless outing covering the seventh inning Thursday. In 5 1/3 innings, Jones has allowed one hit, one walks and has eight strikeouts.

“It’s awesome to see him having the success he is right away,” said right hander Petricka, who had Tommy John a year out of high school. “He looks back. And time will help him get better.”

Jones, who is averaging 98 mph on his fastball and 91 on his slider according to BrooksBaseball, has been used only during the eighth inning.

“It makes all the hard work and rehab worth it,” Jones said of manager Robin Ventura having immediate trust in him. “But it doesn’t matter what the situation is. I’m ready from the fifth inning on.

“I feel pretty locked in right now, but you can always fine tune your stuff and command and work on getting better.

Adam LaRoche played first base and had two hits, including his 11th homer with a runner on against Cam Bedrosian to give the Sox an 8 2 lead in the eighth inning. It was LaRoche’s second multi hit game since July 9.

got that hit first and popped one there to really break it open, Ventura said. nice to get moving in that direction and get that one. If anything is a psychological lift that one is. Saladino and catcher Geovany Soto also had two hits apiece for the Sox, who scored four runs in the first three games of the series.

would be nice to build off of that, LaRoche said. had some of these days where I’ve felt really good and come back out and not have it for a few days. So it’s a positive to see some pitches better. I wasn’t chasing today.

Rodon can believe what he just saw

When Carlos Rodon was shown a photo of Goose Gossage pitching in shorts, the 22 year old lefthander did a double take.

My. Gosh, Rodon said. really wore that? That crazy. Cellular Field. The radical uniforms featuring pullover jerseys with navy shorts created quite a stir back then, and needless to say, Rodon is relieved the shorts will be kept in storage.

Those shorts were worn only three times in 1976. The jerseys were worn from 1976 81, covering the South Side Hit Men era.

“The White Sox are not going to be dressed like a bunch of peacocks,” former owner Bill Veeck said at a press conference to introduce the uniforms in 1976. “There is a difference between color and elegance between style and class. You will be awedComiskey Park will replace Paris and New York as the fashion center of the World.”

Rodon likes modeling retro uniforms, and he approves of the 1970s outfits   sans the shorts.

“Oh yeah, I think that’s cool,” he said.

Rookie Trayce Thompson didn’t seem as keen on these throwbacks as Rodon. Told that broadcaster, who wore them when he pitched, said they’re the most comfortable he’s played in, Thompson said, “Well, there you go. Ed’s been around the game for a long time. I’m sure they won’t look great. But if they are comfortable then why not?”

items including medical supplies

Friday, October 21st, 2011

The lightweight, waterproof Survival Kit in a Sardine Can, will keep things light hearted even in a tense situation. Although there are no smelly, oily sardines, this kit has 25 items including medical supplies, a fish hook and line, a fire starter, reflective signals, safety pins, a whistle, and more. For a mere ten dollars, you’ll have peace of mind and an item guaranteed to bring about a few laughs..

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was appalled by the disarray

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Amundsen planned for eight of the men to go to the Pole, with the Swedish cook, Adolf Lindstrm, remaining at Framheim. The only man he feared in his party was Hjalmar Johansen, a famous Arctic explorer in his own right. When Amundsen set off too early in September 1911, the party was forced to return to the hut, and Johansen was appalled by the disarray and publicly chastised Amundsen.

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