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Solution saved you time? Show a token of gratitude with TipJoy

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

The kindness of strangers

Since we started, we’ve been amazed at the kindness of strangers. There are so many people taking time out of their busy schedules to share solutions they discover. They do this out of their own generosity in the spirit of helping other poor souls avoid repeating their work (or giving up).

These kind people are attracted to our site because it’s fundamentally the problem we’re trying to solve. By searching for error messages here, you help everyone in the world (or your company) in the future. If everyone did the same thing, errors would become minor speed bumps rather than things that can consume hours of your time.

I owe you lunch sometime!

In the physical world, when someone does you a favor out of generosity, there’s this desire to repay that somehow. Many of us are inclined to offer a beer or a lunch in thanks for saving hours from the day. I think this is fairly natural for a lot of us.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough of that online these days. People blog about tricks and tips, but there’s no real way to pay that back. Sure, they can make money off of advertisements, but that doesn’t apply to people in forums and communities working together to solve problems. This is where TipJoy comes in with their new API they announced today (on TechCrunch).

Hey Internet, it’s time to show a token of gratitude.

On, we’re excited to announce that you can tip users who post great solutions. The vast majority of that donation goes from you directly to the kind gentleman or lady that submitted the solution. The opt-in tip buttons make it very easy to schedule a 10-cent tip later, so click on them whenever you have an opportunity.

We’re really pleased that TipJoy has released this new platform– the world is overdue to show appreciation to the zillions of people who make our lives easier online. These micro-tips are a great way to encourage user-generated content while avoiding turning every corner of the internet into a buzzing wasteland of advertisements.

Adding TipJoy buttons to your solutions

When you submit a solution to an error, you’ll see the following page:

TipJoy option

Just click the checkbox and you’ll see a button a lot like the one on this solution. Once enabled, your quick generosity lives on and helps people repeatedly, collecting tips for eternity.

Visit TipJoy’s site for more information about their hassle-free tip buttons. As always, we’d love your feedback as well. Many thanks to the TipJoy development team– they’ve been great to work with.