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KillerStartups wrote the first review of and we were very pleased by the coverage. In fact, I believe we killed their site for a time when we directly linked to their review during the Digg deluge.

You will be contacted in 48 hours to see how you dealt with the situation, and if you solved you will be asked to submit details on how you did.

It’s great to see that the first reviewer understood right away. Some reviewers didn’t catch-on. is a great site, but maybe it could include some Web 2.0 features.

We have a logo with a reflection! Oh, is there more to Web 2.0?

Users could have a user name and a history of errors that they have dealt with.

For beta, we wanted to see how well we could avoid requiring a login and password. If people really like the idea of non-anonymous names, we can add them, but it might distract a bit from our core search.

Other users could request their knowledge when they deal with a similar error message and maybe they could come to a solution even quicker.

Something like this is being considered. (If you also like this idea, please comment here.) could feature an articles section on error solutions that users could take advantage of to try and fix their computer problems.

Once we get in the groove, we’ll likely write about the most common error searches. We expect this would be more like trivia for the software industry rather than anything users would enjoy. The average person isn’t so keen on errors unless one is staring them in the face. As such, our focus is almost exclusively on getting a specific error out of your way.

Thanks again to KillerStartups for such rapid coverage and the excellent review.

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